Booster™ Therapy

Spiral design balloon for the treatment of acute coronary syndrome patients

The Problem

Around 16M people worldwide have a heart attack every year

Up to 30% of patients post Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) will develop heart failure which has a huge impact on overall health and quality of life

Booster™ Therapy

Intratech is developing the Booster™ spiral balloon device for the treatment of AMI patients

After the revascularization of the clogged artery, the Booster™ balloon is placed in the coronary sinus vein, and due to its unique spiral design, it increases the vascular pressure

This elevated pressure enhances blood perfusion into the affected myocardium, improving the patient’s cardiac function

Booster Therapy Advantages

Allowing continuous venous outflow
Redistribution of blood to the deprived myocardium
Improving microvascular perfusion
Enhancing washout of deleterious agents
Inducing release of vascular growth factors
No obstruction of side branches

About Us

Intratech Medical is developing the Booster™ balloon catheter therapy

for the treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction, reducing infarct size and improving clinical outcomes for patients.

The Booster™ balloon revolutionizes the last frontier in ischemic heart disease management, improving the lives of millions of people worldwide, while decreasing related health care costs in a multibillion dollar market

Intratech has promising pre-clinical results and is launching its First-In-Human clinical study in 2021

The company has secured a major investment from a key strategic corporation in the interventional cardiology field

and has a comprehensive patent family with patents granted in the US, Canada, Europe, China, and Japan.

Prior to developing the Booster balloon, Intratech developed the NaviMax™ – a thrombectomy device for the treatment of ischemic stroke patients, which received CE mark.